Registering as a Friendship / Single Player

Baseball Queensland (BQ) welcome players not currently registered with BQ to play in our tournaments. If you currently don’t have a team and want to play in our upcoming event please follow the instructions below.

If you are not registered with Baseball Queensland as a player and don’t have a team:

  1. Click here to register and pay the tournament registration fee. This covers your insurance to play in a Baseball Queensland tournament.
  2. Click here to register your interest (BQ Womens Friendship/Pool Players).
    Your information will be sent immediately to all teams competing in the tournament or/and
  3. Contact one of the teams below to see if they have space available.


If you are registered with Baseball Queensland but don’t have a team:

  1. Click here to register your interest (BQ Womens Friendship/Pool Players) This form will be sent immediately to all teams competing in the tournament or/and
  2. Contact one of the teams below to see if they have space available.

Please Read before registering.

The below is taken from the Technical Norms Document Section 13.4

  • Friendship Players
    • It is a fundamental assumption of this policy that a team exhausts all possible avenues to secure as many Players from within their own boundaries. If the team is unable to field a team from within its own boundaries, it is then entitled to make a request to the BQ Development Manager to secure Players from other Regions.
    • Within two (2) months from the commencement of the respective Championships, only those Players appearing on a Regional team’s roster are explicitly protected from acquisition by another Region.
    • In order to be eligible to become a friendship Player for another Region, Players must have registered and trialled unsuccessfully for their respective home Region. Players who choose NOT to trial for their respective home Regions will be ineligible to be considered as friendship Players.
    • Players wishing to be eligible as Friendship Players are required to register their interest online within the specified time frames as set forth by BQ. At the completion of the registration process registered Players will form the friendship Player selection pool. This Player pool will be initially shared with all regions to ensure all Players are cleared of any financial liability to any affiliated organisation that would void a Player’s eligibility. In making themselves available, those Players are committing themselves to represent the relevant Region and the costs associated with that representation.
    • Friendship Player Selection – the Tournament Director will circulate the list of approved (financial and eligible) Friendship Players to those Regions in need of Players. The respective Regional Team Head Coach and Region Committee will complete selection of Friendship Players. If considered for a Friendship position, Players will be contacted directly by the Region offering a playing opportunity/roster position. Once a Friendship Player is selected, they are able to come back to represent their home Region up until a reasonable date set by BQ prior to the tournament. This date will take into consideration being able to find a Player to replace the original appointed Player and make any necessary changes to flights and other relevant details.
    • The relevant Region(s) will be notified of the selections and provided two (2) working days to lodge a valid written objection for not providing a clearance. Should a valid objection not be forthcoming within the specified timeframe, Players shall be regarded as cleared. Should the Region refuse clearance, BQ will seek the reasons for such a refusal and seek to resolve any issues to the satisfaction of all parties. BQ retains the right to ultimately provide clearance or refuse clearance to any Players making themselves available as Friendship Players.



Regions Contact List

North QLD
Toni Behrendorff

Sunshine Coast
Leigh Brittian

Brisbane NORTH
Leigh Tate

Brisbane METRO
Jodie Moore

Brisbane WEST
Danni White

Brisbane SOUTH
Dorry Beutel

Gold Coast
Jacquie Arlow